Arpita Dey

Arpita Dey

Arpita Dey

Arpita's journey began at Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan as an undergraduate student and moved to Baroda to pursue her Masters and the change of locale broadened her creative outlook.

Arts Collection

Arpita works with textiles through a combination of painting, applique and stitches. She feels the process of cutting, the colors, the prints, lines and the threads has been used since ages to convey ideas and set universal ideals of beauty.

Her works combine different kinds of practices. She uses drawing and painting alongside stitching to create a variety of effects. Lines became the central to her work and she views stitches as yet another form of line. Working with techniques that are part of her cultural and personal landscape, and hence creates works that help her connect with her roots.

About Hissa

β€œHissa-be a part of art’ is an initiative to make artists and aspiring artists more vocal about art. It aims to give the community quality space to inspire and at the same time, give the right infrastructure and support system to augment their creative skills. Hissa gives an opportunity to discover latent talents and hone artistic skills at its subsidiaries-Gallery .Hissa, Meet. Hissa, Talks. Hissa, Mentor. Hissa, Co-art. Hissa & CafΓ©. Hissa.


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