Attri Chetan

Attri Chetan

Participating in various National and International Exhibitions, Printmaking Exchange programs and different Art Activities,.

His works always have a photographic stillness and huge play of light and shades. He uses photo references to try to make his works more realistic.

Arts Collection

Chetan Atri’s practise has been shaped by his inspirations from individuals of various fields. The sensibility of the works by Haren Das inflicted his interests for printmaking. Chetan’s compositions have a photographic stillness wherein light and shade play an integral role. He prioritizes process rather than starting with fixed imagery.

Portraying cycles was also part of this organic process. The cycle was his immediate reality for his everyday movements in the former years of his education at Balasore and continued to be in the later years at Shantiniketan. His interest work took a shift towards architecture when he visited Jawahar Kala Kendra that has been designed by Charles Correa.