Lajja Mehta

Lajja has completed her Bachelor's in Painting from VNSGU, Surat and Master’s in Graphic Arts from M.S. University, Baroda.

The subject matter of Lajja’s works deals with Phallus and Vagina, also known as Ling and Yoni in Hinduism, respectively.

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The Phallus and Vagina; these both personal body parts have always been a conveyor of one of the deepest emotions of human beings and though sensitive and personal, but always making an important mark with their presence either literally or symbolically. One such strong symbolic presence of them is in Hinduism as the divine eternal process of creation and regeneration. In the same way She uses them in her art as a metaphor of some of her deepest feelings, experiences and observation, which she has accumulated all through my life. These feelings and experiences are sensitive and personal but has made a strong statement in her life and left a mark. For her, the phallus and vagina aren’t simply two sexual organs but are symbolic to much bigger philosophical scenario of life.

She works with different techniques under printmaking like woodcut, viscosity, linocut, etching and mezzotint. Also she is working in String to represent my subjectivity in an ornamental way. Her works are also ornamented with different patterns and designs. While getting rhythm to her artworks these patterns and designs also add to the symbolic behavior of them.

Some collection by Lajja Mehta,

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