Mansi Bhagat

Mansi has pursued her Bachelor’s in Visual Arts in Painting and Master’s in Graphic Arts.

Mansi’s practice resolves around the concept and idea of change. Which she has tried to show through her process. Mark making has played a vital role in her entire process.

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The primitive notion of monotonous mark making plays an important role in her art making process. The mark of the colour and the mark of the texture is not a metaphysical one; it has something to do with its material, its application and the space where it's being used.  

The created mark gives a sense of delicacy of work and material when been touched. Since touch is one of the fifth sense, the spectator can feel it and help it to Since touch is one of the fifth sense the spectator can fill it and help it to reminisce and relate it in their own way. Her mark making process in an art practice is an integration of giving abstract form and evolving different visual forms through drawing, printmaking and sculpting.


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