Rahul Popaniya

Rahul Popaniya

Rahul Popaniya is a trained artists with specialization in Scuplture.

Rahul is a keen observer who gathers his life experiences and translates them into art

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Rahul thinks of his practice in two broader aspects. One being the thoughts that are inculcated from the societal ways of being. Like the relationship of a mother and her child which he thinks has been shifted in today's context to a certain degree with the presence of ayah (helper to the child).

He doesn't think of this shift as negative but proposes that the child might grow and learn and become like their ayah. He tries to represent these thoughts in his sculpture. The other aspect is an exercise, a ritual to ‘practice’ each day for an hour as the day begins. 

Rahul completed Bachelor in Fine Arts from Surat School of Fine Arts, V.N.S.G.U in 2014 with Specialisation in Sculpture. Currently, he is teaching at FountainHead School and a visiting faculty at Surat School Fine Arts.