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Hissa is an art initiative that seeks to create, collaborate, and connect with emerging artists in order to serve as a catalyst for the creation of a vibrant and supportive ecosystem that can cater to artistic expressions and lead their work to a wider audience of potential art collectors and enthusiasts. Whether you're a fan of art or just inquisitive about it, Hissa art links you with independent artists all around the world.

With this concept, Hissa has stretched numerous arms in order to make art accessible to everybody. At Hissa, we think that everyone possesses creative qualities, but that they are rarely exhibited.  Hissa is creating newer avenues  to make art accessible to everybody.. In order to develop an art-friendly and welcoming ecosystem,We do this by acting as a catalyst and a platform that fosters and shelters art at its heart. We can’t wait to engage the hidden Art enthusiast in you and foster that cultural shift across India.

Art for everyone!

"Every artist was first an amateur."

During the past year, Hissa has consciously made efforts to make art more accessible and relevant for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Art shouldn’t be confined to a learned art aficionado, but rather to everyone who seeks solace in creativity. 

To foster such boundless creativity among everyone, Hissa organizes numerous workshops for beginners and experienced. One can find as many workshops as one's heart pleases. 

Hissa organized a line doodle workshop for all savvy doodlers, a terracotta ware sculpting workshop for people who love to mold and connect with earthy art mediums, a pastel art workshop, and many more. 

Product from clay workshop
Product from Decoupage workshop

Hissa takes pride in bringing in experienced mentors and artists to conduct well-executed workshops for everyone who wants to indulge in the hands-on whimsy of art and its mediums. 

"Art is Harmony."

Of the many wonderful things Hissa does, one is inculcating effortless art conversation. Let’s Ally is one such event that garnered the attention of several art patrons. The event featured Charanjeet Singh, a learned art educator, and mentor, with panel members Karishma Shah and Jagat Viradia. 

In a recent event conducted at Koselig, we encouraged a much-deserved conversation about how to perceive art. The exhibition displayed is talked about in the walkthrough, along with discussions on how to see, read, and engage with art.

Such exhibitions and displays were frequently organized by and for art lovers. We’ve realized that Art lives in more than just galleries and to help you visualize and engage with it, we are approaching everyday spaces like cafes, boutiques, and public spaces. The goal of showing art in an unconventional environment is to easily foster creative interchange. In addition to improving the visitor experience, we want to redesign the relationship between art and its audience.

From our display at Koselig Cafe, IBC

Art Alcove presents a mutually beneficial relationship for the space owners as well as the artists. It presents an exhibition opportunity for the artists and for the space owners, it presents the possibility of space appraisal and exclusivity.

Challenging the traditional 

"Art takes courage."

Artspace Hissa has very aptly challenged the notion of art being confined to museums and walls. We have truly embraced art in every form for the past year and thrive on doing so as we progress on our journey. 

Hissa has made sincere attempts to challenge and outlive the traditional and restrictive forms of art by giving an opportunity to young minds as well as generating new avenues. 

For the purpose of fostering a mutually beneficial ecosystem, Artspace Hissa also provided space for a co-art working studio for artists and painters in the town. The ideology behind setting up a co-art habitat was to proliferate and encourage multi-faceted growth for seasoned as well as up-and-coming artists. 

In a nutshell, Hissa has left no stone unturned during the past year to change the art scenario in Surat. Today, we house some of the best artists, experts, educators, and, most importantly, a rich art-enthusiastic community, which was lacking from the city’s profile.

Hissa hopes to empower more artists in the coming years and to introduce more people to the wonders of art.

Uniquely positioned within the realms of Art, Hissa is now venturing concerning consulting, curating, and delivering contemporary art for private and public projects by interior designers, property developers, and clients' collections. 

Creation process for contemporary commission work

Our Art Consultancy service is tailored to fit any need, whether you are an Art Enthusiast who is looking for artwork for collection or a designer or Architect looking to source contemporary pieces, Hissa has a solution. We are adding newer artists to our platform every week, they are so unique and versatile in their ideology but one thing is the same, their skill, finesse and the solace their art provides.

You can make these wonderful pieces your own, and if you are not convinced, choose our rental model, Metamorphosis, to bring home beautiful artwork at a fraction of the price. If it touches your heart, make it a permanent part of your space and if not, we replace it with another beautiful piece to keep the appreciation going. 

Art is distinctive, motivating, and powerful to us. We delve into sourcing, procuring, and purchasing the most fascinating artworks from Indian artists for our clients. Owning art that speaks your language may raise you up in a variety of ways, and we are honored to accompany our clients on this exciting journey with our years of expertise. To give access to the art market, we have a team of art specialists and curators with strong developed ties and good contacts in the art world, as well as our own curated art database of artists.

Reach out to us for services such as acquisition of modern art, engaging with artists on special commissions, project management, art handling, and installation in interiors and outdoors.

About Hissa

"The name ‘Hissa’ which means ‘part’, resonates with the idea of our initiative: be a part of (art). Hissa (हिस्सा) is an art initiative that seeks to create, collaborate and connect with budding artists thereby becoming a catalyst for initiating a lively and supportive ecosystem that can cater to artistic expressions and lead their work to a broader audience of potential art collectors and enthusiasts. Hissa Art connects you directly with independent artists around the world, whether you’re an art lover or art curious. Every single art piece at Hissa Art is original, carrying its own unique story. At Hissa Art, we make it our mission to discover the best emerging artists around the world. And, we value the talented artists that we represent. Hissa Art is a future where everyone is moved by art every day. To get there, we’re expanding the online art market to support more artists and art around the world. As a leading online marketplace in India to discover art, buy art, and sell art, Hissa Art believes that the process of buying art should be as brilliant as art itself. Therefore, we’re dedicated to making a welcoming experience that connects collectors with the artists and artworks they love."


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