The scarcity of beauty

Where do new ideas come from? It’s when we disengage, get out of your offices’, lift our heads off the screen, is when inspiration fosters. The opportunity to engage with an art driven like-minded crowd, with soothing classical music and ambience to dream of, is hard to come by in a small town like Surat.

Hissa, in collaboration with our beloved alcove Koselig, pulled it off. There was something about the evening, it was magical, so stimulating, yet calming, even people passing by, felt the vibes pulling them in. At the centre stage of course, was the Art, it held the attention, even of those of constantly distracted. 

Art is subjective, beyond the theories of art interpretation, lies the simple truth, anything that makes you feel, is Art. Understanding the intentions and motivations of the artist makes it so much more meaningful. 

Our talented artists Arpita Dey, Rahul Popaniya, Poonam Sudani and Preksha Tater were amongst us to enrich us with their ideation and ingenuity. The wonderful crowd engaged with our accomplished artists and reconnected with their inner child that reminisced beauty in everyday objects.

In a city of trade and commerce, several artists work with cloth and textile, but Arpita’s artwork is set apart by her unique style and colour expression. She works with techniques that are part of her cultural and personal landscape, that help her stay in touch with her roots. Listening to her stories about her mothers’ influence on her work, a lot of us that evening wondered about our parents’ influences on our lives and our creative expression.

Preksha explores the concept of beauty and identity beyond perfection, how a society obsessed with physical attributes, responds to deformity. She aided our patrons and shared inspirations that led her to create such cathartic and thought provoking sculptures. We were intrigued by her use of unconventional materials, and her unique ability to transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries through Art.

It was also lovely to have Rahul and Poonam, they took us through their technique and evolution through the years. Looking through their sketchbooks was my favourite part of the evening. As an amateur painter, I was surprised and a little intimidated by the designs they were able to achieve. I learnt about the years of practice and careful thought that goes into refining your work and achieving that level of detail. 

What we seek in art and technology is surprise, not simply a fulfilment of expectations. The art and the evening definitely defied our expectations. We disengaged from our virtual lives and met our peers in person, with the comfort of knowing our safety was ensured. Strangers felt like age old friends, their laughter and smiles didn’t seize to uplift. As a matter of fact, some of us ran into our old school friends and cherished the memories of innocence and nostalgia. All over the best coffee in town, and did I mention, some very talented musicians?

Whatever the expression may be, our constant itch to combat routine makes creativity a mandate. Through its capacity to tell a community's shared story, to inspire reflection, and form connections that transcend differences, it binds us closer together. Art and culture is a positive light that is needed now more than ever. Art inspires us and can move us emotionally and intellectually in a time of uncertainty, anxiety and stagnation. Creative activities can relieve stress, aid in communication, connection and arrest cognitive decline. Research shows that art literally makes us feel better. So let’s embrace art and the creative sector right now. Lets get those creative juices flowing, and be a part of Art.

No facet of our lives goes untouched by ingenuity, and nor should our everyday spaces. Our homes, cafes, parks, boutiques, hospitals, gyms are parched for Art, for character. We at Hissa felt a lack, an emptiness, the scarcity of beauty. We know you feel it too, it’s just hard to put to words, hard to make time to resolve, in the busyness of our lives today. The problem seems too complex, but we had to start somewhere. That evening at Koselig, felt like it, all our events big and small, where we are joined by our patrons, feel like it. Every artwork sold, every artist that benefits from the community, feels like it. Every young artist inspired, well, that is all we work for. Cheers to a wonderful night and many more to come.

About Hissa

"The name ‘Hissa’ which means ‘part’, resonates with the idea of our initiative: be a part of (art). Hissa (हिस्सा) is an art initiative that seeks to create, collaborate and connect with budding artists thereby becoming a catalyst for initiating a lively and supportive ecosystem that can cater to artistic expressions and lead their work to a broader audience of potential art collectors and enthusiasts. Hissa Art connects you directly with independent artists around the world, whether you’re an art lover or art curious. Every single art piece at Hissa Art is original, carrying its own unique story. At Hissa Art, we make it our mission to discover the best emerging artists around the world. And, we value the talented artists that we represent. Hissa Art is a future where everyone is moved by art every day. To get there, we’re expanding the online art market to support more artists and art around the world. As a leading online marketplace in India to discover art, buy art, and sell art, Hissa Art believes that the process of buying art should be as brilliant as art itself. Therefore, we’re dedicated to making a welcoming experience that connects collectors with the artists and artworks they love."


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