Eclectic touch

Eclectic touch
A minimal piece of art has enormous power to douse the space with elegance and grandeur. 

A Symphony of Drops: An arrangement of more than 1000 clay pieces sculpted by hand.

The composition renders a sense of fluidity and movement to the space it dwells in. The semi-spherical globes are made up of clay, which rests
against a soothing hand-painted backdrop creating a personal and inviting ambiance.
This large-scale abstract canvas will redefine your space
with artistic grandeur.
  Let this mesmerizing floral low-relief give a soothing touch to
your interiors. 
 Asymmetry can be fun and look awesome, and we
have some pretty believable proof to confirm. These
hand-painted clay plates were customized especially
as per the client's requirements. 
 The details of this piece never fail to capture the viewers' attention.
The blocks shown here depicts elegantly carved designs, a great
addition to a minimal interior approach.