Enduring Minds

Enduring Minds


Gallery Hissa is pleased to announce its first curated art show ‘Enduring Minds ’, sowing the seeds for a long-lasting engagement with an array of artistic practices.


The show presents the works of young aspiring artists from the city of Surat. Each of them has dwelled in exploring the length and breadth of their ideas, notions, concerns, inquiries, and experiences across the possibilities of various mediums and materials.

The show  invites the viewers to a diverse range of drawings, paintings, sculptures, installations, video works, and artist diaries all of which speak of the artists' sensibilities. True to its title, the exhibited works are a reflection of the artists' persisting processes, thoughts, and ways of being. 

The show is open for viewing on the

26th and 27th of December, 2020, from 11 am to 8 pm

at the Noopur Nritya Academy, 11 / Prakash Society, Athwalines, Surat. 


About Hissa

β€œHissa-be a part of art’ is an initiative to make artists and aspiring artists more vocal about art. It aims to give the community quality space to inspire and at the same time, give the right infrastructure and support system to augment their creative skills. Hissa gives an opportunity to discover latent talents and hone artistic skills at its subsidiaries-Gallery .Hissa, Meet. Hissa, Talks. Hissa, Mentor. Hissa, Co-art. Hissa & CafΓ©. Hissa.


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