Pastel Art Workshop

Pastel Art Workshop

Pastel Art or also known as “dry painting” is a humble medium used to portray intricate and detailed images. The use of pastels dates back to Rennaissance and since then it is celebrated as an impressive medium to put forth astounding artwork.

Pastels are vibrant powder pigments mixed with binder. They often look like chalk or crayons. The medium is available in a range of colors that can be blended similarly as paint pigments. This medium was popular amongst Renaissance artists like Edgar Degas, Hans Holbein, and  Jean Baptiste Chardin to achieve depth and detail in the artwork.

Nilisha Phad, a Master's graduate in Fine arts from the prestigious J.J School of Arts utilizes soft pastels to make extraordinary portrait paintings. With her extensive expertise and experience in working with humble pastels, she has garnered the mastery of producing breathtaking portrait paintings made with soft pastels.

In her workshop, she will be introducing the participants to this versatile medium. She touches on the endless possibilities of the pastels and lays different rules and foundations for using pastels in front of participants.

The workshop will be informative and add to the skills of artists who want to explore Soft pastels to make detailed paintings and artworks.

Materials required to attend the workshop -

  • Pastel pencils and a box of pastel shades - preferably from ‘Gallery Mungyo’, ‘Kohinoor' or any other good brand to obtain maximum satisfaction out of their work.
  • A small cloth to wipe your hands while working.
  • Good quality pastel papers.
  • The pastel papers should be pinned on board. The board should have a stack of multiple newspapers pasted on it to ensure that the surface beneath the pastel paper is soft.

Workshop Happening on 23-24th July, 2021 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm.

This is a online workshop which will be taken on Microsoft Teams.

Age Group is 15 and above.

Fees is Rs. 1500/- per participant and registration is compulsory.

For more details on the course call/ wassap on +9198 255 00337.