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Always keep in mind

Every child is
an Artista

Pablo picasso

Why Clay

Clay modelling works on the fundamentals of Play-Based learning. Loved by kids,it also facilitates important life skills like problem solving skills, planning, exploring, evaluating and constructing shapes.


It Relaxes

Clay Is An Organic Composition Of Mineral And Water That Can Calm The Most Active Child.


Involves The Use Of Both Left Brain and Right Brain

Left Brain Focusses On Discipline and Perseverance

Right graincreates,associates & Stretches The Imagination


It Is Therapeutic

Playing With Clay Helps Relieve Stress And Offers A Positive Distraction For Young And Activ Minds.it Also Helps Them For A Postive Release Of Aggression.


Helps Focus

It Develops Their Concentration Power.


Facilitates Emotional Expression

It's A Great Way For Kids To Physically Express Their Emotions. Children Enjoy The Tactile Feel And Mental Stimulation.


Promotes Sensory Development

Rolling With Palms And Fingers, Pressing, Pounding, Shaping & Forming Clay Strengthens Their Muscles And Tendons


Helps With Control

This Activity Helps Build Self Esteem, As The Children Are In Complete Control Of The Medium & Margin Of Error Is Negligent.


Builds their Imagination

Young Minds Can Play With Their Imagination More Effectively While Constructing Quick 3d Objects


What Will Children Explore

  1. their First Exposure To Clay Is Usually An Exploration Of What It Is. They May Smell It, Push It, Throw It And Interact With It Without Really Knowing What To Do With It.
  2. the Next Stage Is Where They Are Learning What They Can Do With The Clay. They Can Roll, Squeeze, Pinch, Pound, Poke, Tear, Stretch And Any Other Number Of Things.
  3. they Will Start Making Things And Labeling. I Made A Snake, A Snowman Or Food Is Common At This Stage.
  4. this Is When They Come To Their Clay Activities With An Idea In Mind. They Know What They Are Going To Make.

What Will They Encounter In This Class

Children Will Be Exposed To Coiling, Pinching And Impression On Slab Techniques.
They Will Also Be Given An Introduction To The Pottery Wheel. One Session Will Also Include A
Movie Explaining About Various Techniques Of Pottery And Some Well Known Artists Practicing The Same.


Know Your Teacher

Jaydeep Kotadiya is a well-versed ceramic artist with a deep sense of technique and creation. He has graduated in sculpture and masters in Ceramic from Santiniketan West Bengal. Currently, he is a practicing artist in Surat and a faculty of Sculpture at Surat School of Fine Arts.

What Does This 1 Month Program Include?

  • Fun Learning With Senior Professional Artist.
  • Comlete Assistance And Guidance
  • 2 Sessions Each Week, Total Of 8 Sessions Over A Month.
  • 4 Products Which Can Be Taken After The
  • Brisque Baking. (One Time Firing)
  • 1 Apron.
  • 2 Packs Of Air Dry Clay For Practice At Home.
  • 1 Movie About Clay Art On A Projector Screen.
  • Experience Of Working In An Artists Studio.
  • All This At An Offer Price Of Rs.2500 Per Child
  • (Minimum 5 Children Required In Each Batch)