Mentor.Hissa intends to nurture raw yet committed creative individuals, aid them with means to accomplish their desired intentions by enhancing and encouraging their sensibilities and scope of practise through conversations and evening chai with colleagues and mentors.

Artists, designers and different practitioners would be assisted with ideation, process, materialisation, technicality and also post-production and promotion strategies for designers. 

About Hissa

β€œHissa-be a part of art’ is an initiative to make artists and aspiring artists more vocal about art. It aims to give the community quality space to inspire and at the same time, give the right infrastructure and support system to augment their creative skills. Hissa gives an opportunity to discover latent talents and hone artistic skills at its subsidiaries-Gallery .Hissa, Meet. Hissa, Talks. Hissa, Mentor. Hissa, Co-art. Hissa & CafΓ©. Hissa.


Surat, Gujarat India

+91 98255 00337

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