An Assemblage

An Assemblage
The artworks for Avadh's main office are crafted using raw materials,
such as re-arranged hued stones, that indicate the client's profession in the building and construction industry.
We’re thrilled to design this piece for the Avadh office. A city’s skyline is recognized by its architectural structures thus this work expresses
the gradual addition to the existing skyline by Avadh builders.
 City Under Construction by Lochan Upadhyay
It is art integrations like these that make it all worth the while. Lochan Upadhyay’s work,
‘City Under Construction’ is a series of light sculptures that responds to urban scenarios,
finished in a way that resembles concrete surfaces. The work now aptly adorns the
Avadh office, spreading the yellow glow from the foyer.


 Inspired by the clients’ own profession, the materials used in
making the artwork for the Avadh office, all possess the raw
qualities that are synonymous with building and construction.