Eikai Veneers

Eikai Veneers
The curation of artworks, communication design, and interior styling at Eikai Surfaces was undertaken with fervor to present
their premium veneer collection. The artworks designed for the showroom are an outcome of endless discussions and
ideas, drawing inspiration from the various experiences of one’s life.
 Contours of Identity and Ownership by Rahul Popaniya
The sculpture employs the use of refused wood, which presents
itself as a perfect example of sustainability along with standing
as a subject of precision, craftsmanship, and intelligence.

The curation has been planned in a manner that sheds light on the
aspect of sustainability by incorporating materials such as waste
wood pieces and sawdust in the artworks.
The folds of the veneer are the marker of one’s shifting self, which
takes different forms with vivid experiences.
Circular Symphony
It is said that life is a full circle. Thus, life continues to flow endlessly.
This work bears one’s lived experiences in the form of different shades of life.
This idea has been directly translated into a visual manifestation using veneer,
skillfully imbued with a variety of textures to amplify its tactile and visual impact.


Planning the communication design in a manner that strategically engages with the viewer.


Visual communication plays a vital role in creating an immersive experience for a
viewer while making the message that is clear as well as compelling.
A unique way of expressing information through visual design.
Expressions through communication and visual design to create an impact.
Enhancing the aesthetic and functionality of the space with appropriately planned interior styling.
Applying the finishing touches to a space that completes the desired look and brings
its furnishing to life.