Lambent Spark

Lambent Spark
Curated with the client's vision in mind, this office is a wonderful fusion of professional, modern, and traditional. Every space
is planned to accentuate the legacy of the foundation of the company. 
Curated for this office space, a work of art that reminds the department that all are
working towards the same goal. 
Styled for every space, each piece is hand-picked to enhance the
office room.
A sculpture that reminds us that teamwork makes the dream work.
Introducing elegance and functionality to the space with these
thoughtful artifacts.
The interior styling for this office has been curated keeping in mind
the artworks that dwell in the space.
Religious faith has always been at the core of every initiative for
our client, resulting in this skillfully painted piece.
These aesthetic photographic shots of construction sites add an instructive layer
to the surrounding space.